LBD Model C1


  • Beautiful but Durable acrylic case sized to your luxury bag
  • Easy open lid with smooth finish
  • Small handles on both ends that doubles as air vent
  • Acrylic hooks to hang your straps and minimize pressure on your bag
  • Dessicant with indicator to absorb excess moisture harmful to leather (reusable too)
  • Display foot pads to protect your Luxury Bag Display


  • CASE - 31 cm (L) x 13 cm (W) x 23 cm (H)
  • LID (approx.) – 31.5 cm (L) X 13.5cm (W) X 2 cm (H)


  • Wipe gently with microfiber cloth
  • Do not exceed weight limit capacity for storage
  • Recommend acrylic plastic cleaner about once every 3 months