S Medium Case: Luxury Bags that may Fit

(Disclaimer: We do not have all the actual bags listed here on hand. All measurements, which are in inches, are compiled from different bag store websites. For a more accurate measurement, we strongly advise that you do your own bag measurement to see if it would fit the listed dimension of the case.)

  • Hermes Picotin PM
  • Hermés Picotin MM/ 18
  • Hermes Picotin 22
  • Hermés  Picotin GM/ 26
  • Hermés Tool box 26
  • Goyard Alpin Mini backpack
  • LV Cannes Epi (vintage)
  • LV Giant Boite Chapeau Souple MM
  • LV Lock Me Bucket bag
  • LV Noé BB
  • LV Neonoé MM ( with strap removed)
  • LV Neonoé BB
  • LV Maria
  • LV Montsouris Backpack PM & BB
  • LV Palm Springs Mini
  • LV Petit Bucket