How to care for your leather bags

If you want your bag to last and look great for a long time, proper care needs to be done on a regular basis. Here are some tips:

  • Prevention is key! So keep lipstick, pens and other items that can leak in a separate waterproof pouch so they don’t stain the lining of the bag


  • Only use a clean microfiber cloth to clean your bag. Also make sure to handle your leather bag with clean hands to avoid stains.


  • Avoid over-cleaning your bag. Leather acquires a natural and beautiful patina over time that is not considered dirt or damage. Over-cleaning leads to build-up of products that may lead to faster deterioration of your bag..


  • Keep all metal parts of your bag in good condition as well. Clean it with a microfiber cloth. Never use oil or metal cleaner on these parts since it may drip and cause damage to your leather bag.


  • When rain or snow is in the forecast, try to avoid using your leather bag since water is very harmful to all sorts of leather. 


  • Never keep your bag near extreme temperatures nor in the path of direct sunlight. Avoid attics or basements for bag storage since humidity and fluctuation of temperature are problematic in those areas of the house. A cool and not well lighted spot in your closet or home is best.


  • Unfortunately, light itself can damage leather or textile slowly over time. The most damaging would be UV portion of the light spectrum. If possible avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Flourescent light/CFL’s do emit more UV than LED or incandescent so its preferable to avoid CFL’s  for your closet. Keep light to a minimum and turn it off when you’re not in your closet.


  • Avoid placing your bag on a concrete floors since it may promote fungal growth in some bags.


  • Avoid prolonged contact between bags. Color transfer and pressure on the leather may leave permanent mark. For the same reason, make sure the hardware like straps are not resting directly on the leather while on storage.


  • Make sure to rotate your handbags in use from time to time. Leather will fold and bend when stored for long periods of time, using them and getting them out of storage is one of the best ways to prevent unwanted creases and folds.