How to use the reusable desiccant

LBD case comes with a reusable desiccant which provides a dehumidified environment optimal for the long term storage of your bag. With proper use, it is designed to be reusable. It has a color indicator which turns DARK GREEN from ORANGE when the desiccant beads are starting to get saturated with moisture.



Recharging the desiccant is as easy as microwaving it on high for 1-2 minutes or putting it under the heat of the sun for 6 hours. The green indicator beads will turn orange which means the desiccant is free of moisture and is now able to dehumidify again for a few months (depending on humidity of your location).



Instructions for using the desiccant

  1. Since the case has been in storage for a while, the desiccant may already appear saturated (beads appear dark green) when you first open the case.
  2. Take the desiccant by holding it on either end of the pouch, and place it directly on a dry microwave tray or a dry plate. DON'T cover or put the desiccant on napkins. 
  3. Microwave individual desiccant on high (100% power) for one and a half minutes in a 1000W microwave (2 minutes for weaker household microwaves). All the dark green indicator beads should turn orange. Let it cool for a few minutes before putting it back on LBD case. 
  4. Depending on the humidity of your locale, the desiccant should keep the case dehumidified for a couple of months. Inspect, once a month, if all the indicator beads are dark green, it is time to recharge them again. Also, inspect the pouch for damage/leaks/tears and discard if one is noted.


  • DO NOT expose the pouch directly to water. It may damage the paper pouch. If there's any sign of damage to the pouch, dispose the desiccant right away.
  • DO NOT try to recycle the desiccant beads or try re-using them by putting them in a different container as this may not work at all or even cause harm to your bag in the long run.
  • DO NOT put the desiccant on a piece of tissue when microwaving it since tissue is good at attracting moisture and will wrinkle to pouch. 
  • DO NOT cover the desiccant when microwaving it.  Doing so will trap the moisture and will not allow it to evaporate directly out of the pouch.
  • DO keep the desiccant inside the case. Leaving it outside the case will saturate it sooner since it will try to dehumidify the whole room instead of just the case.
  • DO put the desiccant inside your bag by placing it on top of your bag support of choice.
  • DO keep the desiccant out of reach of children or animals. If accidentally ingested, call 911 or bring to the nearest emergency room.