LUXURY BAG DISPLAY™(LBD) was born out of LOVE and NEED.

  WE LOVE BAGS, and it's not just for their utilitarian purpose but also for their beauty, craftsmanship, and as a way of expressing one’s personal taste and style.They are on their own, WORKS OF ART.
Our bag collection has grown over time, but let's be honest, proper care and storage of these beauties can be daunting sometimes. And even with our best effort, we still feel that we're not doing enough to keep them in their pristine condition.
We all know that hiding them in dustbugs or boxes doesnt do these beauties any justice! There's clearly a need for a storage solution that adequately protects, is convenient to use and properly showcase these beauties. As several thousands of women have happily switched to LBD cases, I hope more of you will agree, that LBD fills that need.
    We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your bags in their LBD cases as much as we do. And since this product was conceived by a bag aficionado like you, we welcome your suggestions, comments, and even critiques, in improving LBD over time.