CUSTOM-FIT Cases for the most Iconic Luxury handbags

Our Patented Case Designs are based on the dimensions of the most luxurious designer bags

360° Protection from Dust, Humidity and UV Damage

Made of Museum Grade Acrylic, effectively blocks UV, the #1 cause of leather discoloration and premature aging

Protection and Care without the hassle

Essential for leather care, LBD case not only protects, but also allows leather to “breathe”, with innovative design that ensures air circulation

Versatile Display Options

Protected in an LBD case, bags can be displayed anywhere. Bag strap hooks keep the bag upright and off-load hardware & strap pressure, preventing storage marks and dents


With our design and a large eco-friendly reusable desiccant , moisture inside the case is kept low

Premium display cases and frames for Bags & Scarves

Protecting your bag or scarf while making it a centerpiece in any space!

About Us

Luxury Bag Display (LBD) is proudly woman-owned. It is founded by Dr. Vel Criste, a bag-obsessed physician entrepreneur.

We created the first and only transparent UV blocking cases for display and storage of bags and purses. Trademarked and Patented, it's designed as an alternative to dust bags, and to meet the needs of meticulous bag collectors like you, who need to protect and showcase your beautiful investments for years to come.

Recently, we launched LuxeDisplay (patent pending), the first illuminated scarf display frames, that easily and elegantly display beautiful scarf collections. At LBD, our mission is to create innovative, original products that will help us care for our luxury collections and make them last!

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Most designer bags or scarves will fit in one of our display cases or scarf frames. With 24 sizes and growing, we'll help you find the right one for your luxury bag or scarf. Use the search button, or check the size guide. Feel free to contact us for advice.


Protected from the Elements

360° protection from DUST, HUMIDITY and INDOOR UV DAMAGE. Unlike glass and regular acrylic, our case is made of museum grade UV blocking acrylic, effectively filtering out ubiquitous indoor UV--the number 1 cause of color fading and premature leather aging.

Display Anywhere

Happily admire your bag everyday! Strap Hooks keep bag upright, offload strap pressure on leather and prevent storage marks. Floating shelf allows display even on the wall.

Reliable Moisture Control

with Ventilation Windows which allow leather to "breathe" and a custom, reusable, color-indicating Desiccant


Trademarked and Patented, sized perfectly to popular investment bags

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