How to store your bags properly

If you want your bag to last and look great for a long time, proper storage needs to be done. Here are some tips on what you need to do:


  • Wipe down your bag with a clean microfiber cloth after every use. Also make sure to handle your leather bag with clean hands.


  • Remove all items inside the bag. Sometimes, the most damage comes from liquids and make-up that accidentally seep or leak inside the bag. Also heavy items may cause dents on some leather bags.


  • Fill your bag with tissue paper (acid-free) to maintain the shape of your bag. The Tissue papers that come when you purchase your bag is best. Handbag shapers or Purse pillows are ok too. Never use newspapers or any printed paper since the ink can rub on to the leather or fabric liner of your bag.


  • Always close all zippers, fasteners and pulls inside and outside the bag to avoid snags and unsightly marks.


  • Make sure to overlap handles on top of the bag when possible. For long chain handles, storing them inside the bag wrapped in felt is ok as long as you avoid letting these handles sit on top of the bag, which can cause dents and marks on the leather after awhile. If you purchased LBD, this is not a major concern for you anymore as long as you hang your long/strap handles on the hooks. 


  • Always use a Dehumidifier in your storage box or bag. Any form of humidity especially during storage is harmful to leather. You may place your dehumidifier inside the bag. Make sure to regularly check your dehumidifier if it is still good though. Refer to our instructions on “How to care for your LBD” to know when to replace or reactivate them.


  • Always store your bag in an upright position. We suggest using the Dust bag covers your bag comes with as a mat for your bag especially if you’re already using LBD.


  • Avoid Hanging your bags because the stress can stretch out your handles and put strain on the bag where they are attached. The handles are strained enough when you carry it around with your things.


  • Getting them out of storage once in a while, and actually using your bag, is one of the best ways to prevent unwanted creases and folds. Bags need to breathe, especially leather bags. With LBD you do not have to worry to much about this since our displays comes with the holes for air to circulate without letting in too much dust.