Mother's Day 2022 Newsletter

We have a few important announcements to make so thank you for taking the time to read this email. 


1. First of all, thank you for signing up and giving us the opportunity to reach out to you from time to time. We promised we won't spam, and I think you'd agree we held up on our end of the bargain.


2. Secondly, if you're a mom, advance Happy Mother's Day to you. If you're not a mom, then to your mom, or grandma or whoever it is you consider your mom. We all know, Moms deserve this day and probably 364 more days like this. Seriously, we consider it one of the most important celebrations. To that end, for a limited time, we're giving you, our most important clients, 20% off all purchase starting today. Feel free to share with other Moms. The discount code is 20FORMOM . As a reminder, only one code can be use at a time. 


3. We continue to find ways to improve our products and starting this year, we are proud to announce that all our cases will be made with Premium UV blocking/Filtering Acrylic. While glass and ordinary acrylic blocks UV significantly, this new type of acrylic is designed to meet the unique needs of artists and museums since it better protects artwork from damaging UV,  the primary cause of discoloration and degradation. So all new models and previously out-of-stock items that are just now back in stock, have this additional feature of having more superior UV blocking property than glass or ordinary acrylic. 


4. Related to out-of-stock, everything is now Back-in-Stock, but the logistics and supply chain nightmare are REAL folks. Freight shipping have skyrocketed (like at least 5x more) and significantly delays (like at least 3x longer) are the norm. Which translates to more chances of inventory running out. So try not to wait too long, since we don't know when we can get inventory back up again when its out-of-stock.


5. We have a New Model. We are calling this the S Case. S stands for square, so its configured like a cube . We've designed this essentially for deep/thick bags like bucket bags. We're starting with the medium size and will probably have other sizes in this series soon. So do check it out.


6. Lastly, we are introducing a new product line in the next couple of months which you will all find very exciting and useful. When we release it, you will be the first to know!



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