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Starting Luxury Bag Display (LBD) was sort of a natural progression for a bag lover like me. 


You see, as I mentioned in the "About us" section of our site, I have been a collector for many years. And when I say years, I mean YEARS. 

I have been collecting since I was a little girl. If your first memories were of happy Christmas and birthday mornings, mine were the same, only the first one I would remember was the first HELLO KITTY SCHOOL BAG my parents gave me for my birthday. I knew that my love affair with bags started right there and then. 


Hello Kitty

Bags have actually been a major driving force in my life. Every achievement and feat I overcame, I got a nice purse or, I bought a nice purse, as a reminder of what I had done and hold something palpable to keep that moment alive.


I am neither rich nor poor, just blessed enough to live comfortably with my family. So each luxury bag for me was really an investment  - an investment of my money, time and memories. I save up for my purchases, and am really proud of that. I think I worked harder too to get some of my bags. 

So you see, each one of these bags you see, marks an important milestone in my life.

When I see each one, I remember a moment in time that was happy and I was proud of. My bags to me, show a glimpse of my life thus far. And though I know this is not how it is for most people, you know now why, for me, protecting and taking care of them is very important.

How about you? Do you have any wonderful and memorable bag story to share? I would love to hear from you.

Until our next story!



VBC of LBD Team


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