About Us

LUXURY BAG DISPLAY™(LBD) was born out of an obsession for a particular passion, BAGS.
I love bags. I adore them not just for their utilitarian purpose but also for their beauty, craftsmanship, and as way of expressing one’s personal taste and style.
I have been collecting and admiring handbags ever since I can remember, and my passion for the them has not faltered thru the years. I have accumulated quite a bit over time, and still adore every single one of them just the same. But let's be honest, proper care and storage of these beauties can be a chore sometimes. And even with our best effort, we still feel that we're not doing enough to keep them in their pristine condition. I have searched high and low for something that would better protect and store my bags, but there simply wasn't one in the market.
I wanted a bag storage that adequately protected my bags from the elements, but can also double as a display case in my closet and in my home. Like most of you, I only use one or two handbags at a time. So the rest of the time, I store the other bags hidden in their boxes and/or dust bags, which is not only onerous, but quite sad really, since I wanted to see my bag collection all the time.
I ruminated about this for a very long time, until one summer, I bounced off some ideas to my husband. He believed in my concept, did a lot of research on proper leather storage and with his help and support, we designed, customized and tinkered with a few acrylic cases. We were very pleased with the result and were convinced that it was the perfect solution for my bag storage trouble. Even more so, we felt it was worth sharing with other bag lovers out there like you. Hence, LBD was born.
At LBD we believe that bags are like works of art meant to be appreciated. Bags have evolved from something we use to carry our things, to something that’s also meant to be admired. Certain bags are also considered investment pieces, something that we know, can hold value if properly stored and cared for.

Our LBD cases were specifically designed to STORE, DEHUMIDIFY, PROTECT and of course, DISPLAY beloved bag collections, a very worthy investment for your own! 

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy and love our product as much as we do. And since this product was conceived by a bag aficionado like you, we welcome your suggestions, comments and even critiques, in improving LBD over time! 

Thank you for visiting our site and checking out what we have to offer. Cheers!






Luxury Bag Display™ LLC

Patent No: US D854,830 S