How to care for your Luxury Bag Display (LBD) Case

Your new LBD case needs some TLC too, minimal care goes a long way for these products. Here are some tips on what you need to do:


  • Wipe down your LBD with a clean Lint-free microfiber cloth whenever you see dust accumulating on it. You can also use a Blow dryer on cool setting to blow out the dust. Never use any all-purpose cleaners or anything that contains, ammonia, aromatics and alcohol! This will damage your LBD! 


  • Once in a while, clean your LBD with a Plexi glass or Acrylic cleaner you can buy online or at some hardware stores and supermarkets.


  • If you want to wash your LBD, we suggest using 1 quart water mixed with 1 tsp. of dish soap and drying your LBD right away with micro-fiber cloth or blow dryer to avoid water marks.


  • Do not put anything heavy on top of your LBD. We do not recommend stacking up your LBD on top of each other because of the danger of it toppling over, Both your bag and LBD can be seriously damaged and may cause unnecessary injury on someone.


  • Avoid using your LBD other than for storing your bags to minimize scratches in and out of it.


  • To move your LBD case, lift the case using the handle/vents on the side. Dragging your case might damage and remove the foot pads at the bottom.


  • Always check your Dehumidifier is still in good working condition. You need this to avoid excess moisture on your bag while they are stored inside your LBD,